Volatility Analysis Of Bitcoin Price Time Series

Content What Determines Bitcoins Price? Bitcoin In 2014: The Mt Gox Hack Crashes Btc File Usage On Other Wikis Looking at past price data, for example, may help with spotting uptrends or downtrends. Investors may also potentially spot tradable patterns within the price data that can potentially lead to solid buying or selling opportunities. Because […]

Sales Budget: The Ultimate Guide for Sales Managers with Template

Content What Is a Revenue Budget? Performance Appraisal Process What can each department do to help with the budget? This company does not expect to raise the price of their product this year. But, it does offer a discount for customers who purchase the product in bulk. So, after looking at the previous year’s sales […]

NinjaTrader Review The Ideal Platform for Active Technical Traders?

Contents BUY CRYPTOCURRENCY How to use NinjaTrader Strategies? A Platform With Brokerage Options Can NinjaTrader be used on a Mac? Simple zooming on a chart is incredibly difficult and the chart many times won’t hold the view properly. The issue is that NT was designed in the 1990s and the program hasn’t been modified to […]

Форекс брокер МаксиМаркетс

Сейчас, когда я нашел нормального брокера и за эти годы научился торговать, стало все как-то на свои места. В целом, по ежемесячным итогам я всегда в плюсе. Но по сумме, понятное дело, месяц на месяц не приходится, по сумме профита. Учитывая вышесказанное, мы можем рекомендовать forex брокера, который отвечает всем необходимым параметрам. Надежный forex брокер […]